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Orpheus Internet Services Ltd

About Us

Orpheus Internet Services was founded in 2005 by Paul Vigay in order to provide easy-to-use, reliable and flexible internet services for everyone, irrespective of their technical ability or computer system.

Paul had been involved in the internet industry since the mid 1980's, initially working for Micronet, part of the Prestel online service and a forerunner of the internet as we know it now. For six years Paul had been providing technical support for ArgoNet and had extensive knowledge of RISC OS, Mac OS, Linux and Windows.

Our senior Systems Engineer has over 11 years experience working for major ISPs and has experience of Linux, Unix, Sun Solaris, Windows and Mac OS. He has extensive networking experience covering Cisco, Extreme and Foundry, plus security systems such as Checkpoint, NetScreen and Cisco Pix.

Since the untimely death of Paul Vigay (Feb 2009) Orpheus has been run by Richard Brown. Richard has been in the IT industry since the 1980's and has run his own company GeneSys Developments since 1995. Richard feels that it is important that the principles Paul laid down when starting Orpheus should be carried into the future.

Orpheus can offer you a complete solution, from advice as to what you need, how to configure your computer and get online to registering a domain, and even creating a website for you. Our friendly and chatty help will take the fear away from technology and enable you to get on with your work without worrying about the 'technical stuff'.

We use state of the art Linux servers for maximum reliability and security, and our knowledgeable engineers can advise on specific solutions tailored to your own requirements.

We also closely monitor the internet industry in order to stay up-to-date with the latest developments and trends. This means that we can implement new services as they develop meaning we stay at the forefront of technology.

If you would like more information, please feel free to contact us.

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