Wednesday July 17, 2024 - 20:50:04
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Voip Services

Orpheus Internet are pleased to announce the commencement of our Voip phone service. We decided to do this as BT are stopping all the old analogue services during 2025. Now you can have your internet and phone with the one provider. We can provide this service as of September 2023. On the 20th May 2024 BT announced that the deadline has been moved to January 2027. The BBC news article about this can be found here.

All Orpheus Voip accounts include:

YesRetention of current landline number or a new one.
YesTwo user licences (more are available at extra cost).
YesUnlimited calls to UK landline and mobiles.
YesCLI (caller line identification).
YesDay/Night toggle.
YesTime conditions.
YesRing Groups.

Voip Services

per month
Classic monthly service£15.00


One-off 'Service' charges

Porting charge (for old number)£18.00


Hardware Interface box/Phones

Snom M110 DECT base+handset£118.80
Snom mc10 handset£70.42
Snom M430 DECT base+handset£178.80
Snom mc30 handset£96.00
Fanvil ATA gateway box£50.59
Cisco ATA 191 gateway box£150.00


To have a VOIP service you will need to have a fibre service so either FTTP or SoGEA which is a fibre service line with no voice. When transfering across to VOIP the current landline that you have will be closed when the transfer happens. So careful planning is needed if you do not want to have a lack of service on phone or internet. We will deal with each order we process as carefully as we can to ensure the least amount of disruption.

Click here for the international call rates. We can bank an amount in advance starting from £12 and then this can be topped up as it is used.

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