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Orpheus Internet Services Ltd
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Orpheus Internet

Founded in 2005 and based on twenty years of internet experience, we can cater for all your connection requirements.

We offer a complete package of services from standard to high-speed fibre broadband and provide full technical support and help for RISC OS, Mac OS and Windows, we supply "internet for everyone".

For the more technical savvy we can provide dedicated web hosting and registration services from small business websites right through to large server space hosting.

Our knowledgeable staff can provide customised support to beginners and experts alike, so make Orpheus Internet your friendly internet provider.

High Quality Internet for Everyone

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Fast, unfiltered broadband for all users, providing support for RISC OS, Mac OS, Linux and Windows. Any of the services that we provide will give you great connections. Our new services include SoGEA (data only service) and launched in October 2023 we now have a VoIP service which is replacing normal telephone landlines.

We also carry a comprehensive Usenet feedWith online support, Orpheus is ideal for personnal and professional alike who want a fast, reliable service.

We also offer support for mobile devices.

Solid, Reliable Fibre Broadband

Migrate to Orpheus Broadband for FREE!!

Switch to Orpheus Broadband for FREE!

Fibre DSL £39

Our high quality Fibre services are ideal for both home and business, with high upload speed and reliable, unfiltered service you can be sure you're getting the best deal.

We can offer technical support on a full range of operating systems, as well as advising on security, anti-virus and good internet practices.

All email accounts have FREE spam and virus filtering

Find out more about our VoIP serviceFind out more about our Business Broadband

Use Orpheus for Competitive Web Hosting, Domain Registration and DNS Services

We're members of all the major domain registrars so we can register and host any web domain you require including the .uk.
Register your own domain today, to personalise your email and website.

Use Orpheus for Competitive Web Hosting, Domain Registration and DNS Services

Superior Help and Technical Support for all users

FREE technical support and helpWhether you're a computer novice or an expert geek we can offer comprehensive technical support and help on a wide range of internet and networking topics. Whatever you're stuck on, FREE technical support is just a phone call away.

We offer full support for all popular computer systems, and some less popular ones too. Our motto is "Internet for Everyone" so you needn't feel left out because you're not using the latest machine.

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