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Friday June 21, 2024 - 17:58:01
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Getting going via Dialup

It should be relatively easy to connect to Orpheus via 56K dialup from any computer or modem. This page will hopefully help you with any problems you may encounter.

If you require help configuring a specific computer type, please select your operating system from the list in the box on the right. That will then take you to the relevant section for specific information.

The information below is the generic information you require in order to make a new dialup connection to Orpheus Internet.

All Orpheus dialup accounts have a login user ID of the form aa00@orp where aa00 is the user ID assigned to you when you opened your account. If you're an ex-Argonet user, it should be the same as your previous Argonet ID. The password is a random sequence of letters - which are case-sensitive.

Please note that when configuring your email settings (generally done once you have dialup working) you have a different POP username and password. The POP username doesn't include the @orp on the end of the user ID, but otherwise is the same user ID. The password is a different random selection of letters, again case-sensitive.

Generic Settings

Dial-up telephone number:0845 123 1621
Name Servers:
Incoming POP mail
Outgoing SMTP mail
Broadband:Router settings
Email setup:Please select your operating system from the side bar for more detailed help on configuring your email setup.

Connecting your Computer to Dial-up

Account Customization

Please visit our online form.

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