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Wednesday July 17, 2024 - 20:54:09
Orpheus Internet Services Ltd

Web Services available for Orpheus hosted webpages

All Orpheus Internet subscribers get 50MB of free webspace, linked to a sub-domain on the orpheusweb.co.uk (or orpheuswww.co.uk) domain. For example, a user called John Smith might have the sub-domain 'jsmith', giving a homepage URL of http://jsmith.orpheusweb.co.uk

As a special offer to our subscribers, the name you choose for your homepage URL can be chosen freely, subject to it being available on a first come, first served basis. A list of subscriber homepages is available at www.orpheusweb.co.uk/users.html

Please note that your webspace is created for you on demand, meaning that when you first open an Orpheus account, your webspace is not automatically activated until you contact us and specify what sub-domain name you would like. We then aim to setup your webspace and provide FTP login details within 48 hours.

Instructions and Support

Web Services available to our webspace users
We can offer a number of additional web services for Orpheus subscribers. These currently include the following generic 'cgi' scripts that you can include on your web pages.

  • Web counter - for displaying a graphical count of how many visitors have viewed your page.
  • Form mail - to allow visitors to your site to fill in and submit a form, which is then emailed to your pop box.
  • Date and time - insert a graphical image of todays date and/or time.
  • passwd generator - a small utility for generating passwords suitable for .htaccess password files.
  • Last updated - insert a graphical image showing the date your page was last updated.
  • Get Firefox - for detecting browser usage and advertising Firefox to Microsoft Explorer users.

For instructions and examples of usage, please click on the relevant link.

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